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Our strong financial and litigation backgrounds uniquely position us to navigate complex divorce and family law matters. And win. Call the Napa Divorce Attorneys of Kaspar & Lugay today.

Divorce Lawyer Near Me: No Family Law Issue Too Big Or Too Small

If you’re considering a divorce, ready to divorce, or already divorced but need further help, the Napa divorce lawyers and family law attorneys of Kaspar & Lugay LLP can help. Located in Napa, California, our law office has the experience needed to help you with any family law issues you might have and can provide the advice and guidance you need to get through a divorce or deal with issues after a divorce. A consultation can help you learn more about what we can do for your situation.

Napa Divorce Lawyers: Our Napa County Family Law Practice

The Napa, CA family law office of Kaspar & Lugay, LLP is well known in the Napa County and Sonoma County area for our unique ability to provide the high-quality legal family law representation you expect from a big firm coupled with the flexibility and attention to detail you get from a small firm.

The founding partners of Kaspar and Lugay gained valuable experience at some of the largest international law firms. Now they use that experience to resolve high-stakes family law matters and provide effective representation in high-value divorce cases.

Our backgrounds in family, divorce,, business, and tax law give us the unique perspective our family law clients need to handle complex, high-asset situations. From business valuations to property division, our Napa County divorce lawyers will make sure your best interests are protected, and your legal matters are resolved as quickly and favorably as possible.

Divorce and Family Law Services Offered

The Kaspar & Lugay Napa law office provides help with many different areas of family law. If you’re just considering a divorce, you can speak with a lawyer to find out if it’s a good time for you to get a divorce and what could happen if you do decide to go through with the divorce. We can also offer help when considering a legal separation and what you’ll need to know if you want to go ahead and file for a divorce today. 

Napa Divorce Attorneys (also serving Sonoma County)

When you decide to file for a divorce, Napa divorce attorneys of Kaspar & Lugay LLP can help you with everything that needs to be done. They can explain what could happen with splitting marital assets (known as community assets or pooled assets), what counts as community property, how child support will or should be factored, and how to ensure fair custody arrangements with your child(ren).

Napa Asset and Property Division Lawyers

If you’re employed by a start-up, our family law attorneys can help explain what might happen to stocks or RSUs that you obtained as part of your compensation for work. If you own a business, our divorce lawyers can explain what could happen with the business and whether your spouse might have an interest in the business. Any questions you could have will be answered for you and our team will work hard to help you get a good outcome for the divorce. 

The residents of Napa Valley hold a significant amount of generational wealth. For those in such situations, who also are considering or going through a divorce, it is important to consider the financial aspects of inherited wealth in Napa County divorces. There are many unique elements that must be considered carefully.

As part of the asset and property division division of the practice, we regularly receive questions about things like:

  • How 401(k) (or IRA, or other retirement savings account) is impacted by divorce
  • Why do I need a divorce attorney?
  • What does it cost to get a divorce?
  • Does it make financial sense to get divorced?

No matter your question, we’re happy to answer it for you.

Napa Spousal Support Attorneys

Once your dissolution of marriage has been finalized, we can help you uphold the divorce decree. If you’re awarded alimony (known in California as spousal support) or child support, for instance, we can help you make sure you’ll obtain it. If you’re required to sell your home or another asset and split the amount it sold for, we can help make sure your spouse doesn’t prevent the sale of the home or another asset or lower the value before it’s sold and can help make sure you get the amount you’re supposed to receive from the sale.

Prenups and Postnups: Pre- and Post-Divorce Services in Napa and Sonoma

Whether you need help before, during or after a divorce, having the experience and guidance of a lawyer is vital. The lawyers at Kaspar & Lugay are going to work hard to help you get what you need through the divorce and make sure you receive everything you’re entitled to. A quick consultation with one of our attorneys can provide you with the advice you need to determine your next steps.

Just remember – if there are children or assets involved, you don’t need a good divorce lawyer, you need a great family law attorney. We know the ins and outs of all factors of California family law, and we’d love to talk with you.

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