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Based in Marin County, CA and with offices that serve Mountain View, Walnut Creek, Napa, and the Greater Bay Area, Kaspar & Lugay LLP is a dynamic boutique law firm focusing on divorce and other family law matters.

Additionally, our experience in tax and business law matters allows us to effectively represent clients in high value divorce cases.

The technical process for filing for a California divorce (also called dissolution of marriage) can be fairly straightforward from a procedural standpoint. The reality, though, is complicated by the human element: humans are emotional beings, and divorce often represents loss. Usually, this loss is felt more acutely by one party than the other. Because of this, there is often great turmoil and disagreement between the two parties when it comes time to finalize the divorce arrangement. If you’d like to know what is involved from a procedural standpoint, please cal 415-789-5881.

There are certain documents that must be properly and adequately filled out and filed within your jurisdiction. These hard fees typically range a few hundred dollars. Again, this is for a completely uncontested divorce, where both parties are in total alignment (in our experience, such cases are very rare). The pitfalls of a DIY divorce, or using inexpensive online form solutions include improperly completed forms, failure to follow procedures unique to a jurisdiction, or otherwise failing to follow the proper protocols. This tends to lengthen the divorce case, adding further frustration to an already stressful and draining process.

These issues are just the beginning, and the above assumes that there are no children involved, nor any assets acquired during the marriage. Once you begin to factor in custody arrangements, alimony, child support, division of assets and retirement accounts (the list goes on), the divorce process becomes significantly more complicated. It’s worth your time to consult with a qualified divorce attorney, even if you decide to finish the process yourself. A consultation will provide you clarity, guidance, and expectations for your unique situation.

Most of the parties we work with end up going to court at some point. In an ideal world, we’d be able to handle everything outside the courtroom and be free to open the next chapter of our lives. Again, where there are children or assets involved, this is where complications and conflicts arise. At Kaspar & Lugay, we do our best to bridge the gaps so you can proceed through your divorce with minimal impact to your life.

Sometimes it’s intentional, sometimes it’s not, but we often counsel parties whose spouses have hidden or been misleading about assets (secret bank accounts, closely-held businesses, undisclosed real estate and property, etc.). In these cases it is worth your while to leverage a forensic accountant (we at Kaspar & Lugay have extensive experience in this). This process will unveil any potential hidden assets that were not disclosed in the divorce conversation, and ensure both parties a fair allocation of assets.

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